Project: Design and manufacturing of a motion lighting art installation for 2014 North by Northeast (NXNE) music and arts festival

Client: Hermann & Audrey

Installed in : NXNE Art Lounge, 363 King Street west, Toronto from june 16th to 23rd 2014

With Bedazzled, Turn Me On Design puts forward a unique experience to catch the attention of Torontonians. Drawing inspiration from Dazzle Camouflage, a tactic originally used to protect military vessels, creates an optical illusion aimed to disrupt view and prevent identification. Turn Me On Design is repurposing the notion with urban camouflage as part of Bedazzled. The graphic design blends into the background, imitating the lines and reflections of the surrounding buildings. Its pendulum movement combines with dazzle pattern to create an optical effect of shapes in constant change: a new form of organic lively architecture evolving under the gaze of passersby. Bedazzled highlights the entrance to an 'out of the ordinary' place!

Check out the video of the installation in motion!