Project: Design and manufacturing of street lights for winter decoration in Mont-Royal Avenue, Montreal

Client: Société de Développement de l'Avenue Mont-Royal

In collaboration with Astro et Jean-François Poliquin for the illustrations

Installed in: Avenue Mont-Royal, Montreal
from December 2013 to February 2014 (for the first season)

Photos : Bernard Fougères

The idea-O-rama project by Estelle Jugant and Yazid Belkhir from Turn Me On Design, winners of the winter lights competition launched in 2012 by the Avenue du Mont-Royal in Canada, was born from the initiative of designers to create a unique winter atmosphere and conversation on the Avenue.
A festive and bright walk unfolds through bubbles borrowed from the world of comics. Inspired by this form which has now become the icon of the message and discussion, the designers transformed it into three-dimensional backlit objects. This multitude of bubbles installed along the artery consolidates its perspective from east to west.
The concept is modular and for this first year, the original graphics present on both sides, are signed Astro and Jean-François Poliquin.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video on getting the lights from paper to lamppost
Realisation: Alexandre Osmoze Brakha

Idea-O-rama from Turn Me On Design on Vimeo.